1. Why Cleanse My Colon?

The human digestive system is like a flexible tube about 28 feet long that starts at the mouth and ends at the rectum. The major organs included in this critical body system are the mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon (large intestine) and rectum. All of the nourishment required by our body to sustain life and health pass through this sophisticated processing system.

During the digestive process most of the foods that we eat form mucoid substances in the intestinal tract.  Although most of this mucoid material passes from the body in the normal elimination process, some of it remains behind clinging to the intestinal walls and over time builds up and becomes impacted on the colon walls as plaque.  This mucoid plaque not only blocks proper elimination and prevents proper assimilation of nutrients, but also serves as a breeding ground for parasites and pathogens that pollute the blood and lymph and thereby poison the entire system, a condition known as toxic colon.

Colon Health = Overall Health

Air pollution and most of the foods eaten today contribute to conditions causing toxic colon.  As a result, almost everyone suffers a chronic drain on health and vitality that seems normal because it is always present.  Restoring good health and vitality requires cleansing and detoxification of the entire digestive system.  This is done when using the Holistic Horizons products to perform the Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Program.  The benefits include, but are not limited to:

  1. The program is exceptionally easy to perform since it uses only two products which are both taken orally.
  2. The completely herbal program acts mildly and gently on your system providing the very best homeopathic response.
  3. Old stagnant waste material, that may have been in your body for many years blocking proper elimination and serving as a breeding ground for germs and parasites that poison the entire system, is removed.
  4. Improvement in transit time (how long food takes to pass completely through your body) upon completion of the program - this suggests better digestion and nutrient absorption.
  5. Improved bowel function resulting from an abundant colony of beneficial lactobacteria.
  6. Increased sense of well-being while on and following completion of the program.
  7. Increased vitality and vigor resulting from detoxification of the entire system.
  8. The dietary fiber provided by our products is recognized by the FDA to lower harmful cholesterol.

And there is no financial risk!  Our unconditional guarantee of satisfaction assures you that Holistic Horizons products are your key to a healthier and more vital life!


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