2. Robert Gray's Intestinal Cleanse

A decades old, proven program where the entire intestinal tract is cleansed and beneficial bacteria are encouraged

Robert Gray was a nationally known nutrition counselor, the Director of the Food for Health Institute, and a professional member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants and the American Herb Association. His work has been highlighted by the development of numerous contributions to the fields of nutrition counseling and herbology. The success of these contributions has made him known as a healer who helped many achieve gratifying health improvements through the proper use of food and herbs.

Robert Gray found that in spite of the benefits traditional intestinal cleansing programs had to offer, they did not address the problem of lactobacteria depletion. Additionally, he found that few people would persist at such programs long enough to completely cleanse their intestinal tract. He further understood that when seeking professional assistance, an individual needs not only a ready source of knowledge, but also streamlined methods for the practical application of that knowledge. To be effective, these methods must take a minimal amount of time and be easy to perform. Accordingly, he set out to develop an intestinal cleansing program which would:

  1. Encourage health-enhancing beneficial bacteria to multiply faster than the intestinal cleansing process removes them;
  2. Avoid the use of fasting, enemas, or other difficult procedures;
  3. Require only a few minutes per day;
  4. Be suitable for use under diverse dietary situations
  5. Be easily performed on a day-by-day basis until the colon is completely cleansed.

The result has been the emergence of a program that took nine years to develop. Meeting all of the criteria set forth, the program is a comprehensive, gentle, effective method which can be followed easily with minimal effort. The Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Program is a giant step forward in the long history of intestinal cleansing. There are three simple parts to the Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Program:

  1. An Intestinal Cleansing Formula in tablet form that softens and loosens the the hardened mucoid plaque lining the intestines.
  2. A Bulking Agent in powder form that absorbs and lubricates the loosened mucoid material and sweeps it from the intestinal tract while promoting growth of implanted lactobacteria.
  3. About four to five minutes of full body skin brushing a day to purge the lymph system.

A distinct advantage of this program is that everything is taken by mouth, so not only the lower bowel is cleansed, but also the stomach and the entire intestinal tract as well. Now the intestines can be cleansed while promoting a healthy population of beneficial bacteria at the same time. The Holistic Horizons brand Intestinal Cleansing Formula and Bulking Agents are the only products marketed that use the special formulations developed and approved by Robert Gray to achieve this effect.



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