Robert Gray Intestinal Cleanse

Cleanse your gut with the world's most trusted intestinal cleanse since 1985.

Holistic Horizons™ brand of colon cleansing products are the only colon hygiene products formulated and approved by noted nutritional counselor and author, Robert Gray.

In his ground-breaking book, "The Colon Health Handbook", his extensive experience, knowledge and expertise were brought to bear on the problem of formulating the very best natural colon cleansing program.  Our products are the formulae he developed to implement "The Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Program".  Not only does our program cleanse the colon mildly and gently, but it also promotes the growth of healthy colonies of beneficial and friendly lactobacteria.

All of our products are made from the very highest quality ingredients.  They have been proven effective over more than two decades of use by thousands of users.  Each batch of product produced is laboratory tested for purity and quality.  We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our products that we offer an unconditional money back guarantee of satisfaction.

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Dive deeper into the importance of cleansing your gut, and why Robert Gray's formula is so effective.

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See what our customers say about their experiences with our products.

Andrew W.

Colorado Springs, CO

"I can not believe the relief, feeling of lightness and overall well being that I am experiencing now. There were certain problems and gaps in my health that are clearing up. Before this, I could not bring myself to go through the time and trouble required of another colonic..."

Naomi P.

Newark, california

"There is no way anyone could keep me from writing to thank you for developing the Intestinal Cleansing Program. My illness caused me to have extremely sluggish bowel movement for many years even. While on your program, I ate only fruits and vegetables, kept my ‘mildly moderate’ exercise routine, and expelled..."

Donald C.

South Beach, Fl

"My relative was recently hospitalized twice because of rectal bleeding. She was discharged and the doctors could not do anything for her. I put her on the Special Formula Bulking Agent and the Intestinal Cleansing Formula twice a day and..."

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Non-GMO Ingredients

We combine modern processing with trusted ancestral farming techniques to give you authentic, all-natural foods, never genetically modified.

Quality You Can Trust

Holistic Horizons has been upholding quality nutrition standards for over 30 years. All our foods are filler-free, preservative-free, and never irradiated.

100% Product Guarantees

Every product we carry is safety inspected and enjoyed in our own home . If you're not satisfied, tell us why and we'll do all we can to make things right.

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Learn about the importance of cleansing, Robert Gray's world renowned program, the importance of Lactobacteria, and the Robert Gray guarantee.

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To European Customers: There are NON AUTHENTIC versions of our products circulating...

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