3. Using Robert Gray's Intestinal Cleanse

Caution must always be exercised when dealing with delicate bodily functions. Click to open disclaimer.

Do not perform this Intestinal Cleansing Program during pregnancy or if you have any form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, such as Crohn's Disease, Regional Ileitis, or Ulcerative Colitis. Also, discontinue the program immediately if you experience more than minor discomfort at any time.

Women sometimes experience a change of menstrual cycle while on this program. In these cases, the pattern of ovulation may also change, invalidating any birth control technique involving knowing or estimating one's fertility period.

Do not perform this program if you are taking salicylates or a prescription drug containing digitalis or nitrofurantoin, as the psyllium present in either bulking agent may combine with these drugs.

This Intestinal Cleansing Program is not intended as a treatment for any disease or condition. Consult a licensed health care practitioner of your choice if you need guidance on any particular health care problem.

Beginning the Cleanse

People vary markedly in their sensitivity to this cleansing program. The amount of Intestinal Cleansing Formula and Bulking Agent required for an effective cleansing program differs for everyone. Also, as the intestinal cleansing progresses, there is less toxic material present, so that larger and larger doses become appropriate.

The accompanying chart shows the progression of recommended dosage levels. Because the Bulking Agent has some intestinal cleansing activity, even when used without the Intestinal Cleansing Formula, everyone should begin the program taking the Bulking Agent only for a period of time. Always start at the Initial Test Level. Approximately 70% of people are able to advance to Level E after three or more days on the Initial Test Level. However, some people need to take a slower approach by progressing through Levels A through D first in order to have a smooth and comfortable experience.

Always begin at the Initial Test Level. Start at the Initial Test Level regardless of how good your diet may be. Start at the Initial Test Level even if you have been doing any other form of intestinal cleansing. Start at the Initial Test Level if more than three weeks have elapsed since you last took the products. If less than three weeks have elapsed, go back one or two dosage levels when resuming.

At the Initial Test Level, you take two level teaspoons of the Bulking Agent two times per day. If you do not feel comfortable at this level, discontinue it immediately and wait three days. Then resume the program at Level A. If you feel comfortable at the Initial Test dosage for three or four days, move immediately to Level E.

When reading the chart, note that it gives you the amount of tablets and Bulking Agent per dose, not per day. For example, at Level F you take one tablet per dose and two doses per day - a total of two tablets per day.

It is very important to take an 8-ounce glass of liquid for every level teaspoon of Bulking Agent. One way to do this when taking two teaspoons is to mix all of the Bulking Agent in the first 8 ounces and follow it with a second 8 ounces which is used to take the Intestinal Cleansing Formula tablet(s). The Bulking Agents taste best in apple, tomato, or V-8 Juice. They clash, however, with the taste of orange, grapefruit, lemon, and other citrus juices. Commercially grown apples are often treated with chemicals that upset the stomach; use organic juice if needed to avoid this.

For proper results, to accelerate the growth of beneficial bacteria, and avoid their depletion, it is essential that the Holistic Horizons Intestinal Cleansing Formula be used together with one of the two Bulking Agents as instructed and that nothing else is substituted.

For the most part, any desired nutritional supplements may be taken along with the Holistic Horizons products without affecting the cleansing process. However, product activity to increase beneficial bacteria may be lessened by taking vitamin A from fish liver oil, the succinate form of vitamin E, aloe vera, or most antibiotics. But the beta carotene form of vitamin A and the acetate form of vitamin E may be taken without this effect.

Controlling Progress on the Program

You should control your progress from level to level by noting the frequency and quantity of your bowel movements. If you are on too low a dosage level, these movements will be similar to what you normally experienced prior to starting the program. As you progress to higher dosage levels, the frequency and quantity of your bowel movements will increase. However, if you go to too high a dosage level, they will begin to decrease again. Therefore, you should stay at the dosage level which produces the best increase in the frequency and quantity of your bowel movements while allowing you to feel comfortable in other respects.

Be sure to observe the minimum days to stay on each dosage level. These are the minimum amounts of time the fastest progressing person should stay on each level. Most people will be slower, so do not hesitate to spend longer on a level if appropriate. The minimum days to stay on Level I is "not applicable". In other words there is no minimum for Level I; you simply stay on it until completion of the program, however long that may take. If you find you are not ready for one dosage level, return to the previous one and stay there double the amount of time spent on that level previously. The length of time to stay on each level varies from a few days to several weeks.

You will find the frequency of your bowel movements will vary throughout the program. For some people, the frequency may reach up to four or five movements per day. During the first weeks of the program, you will know that it is working from one or more of the following signs: an increase in quantity or frequency of your bowel movements; a different or stronger odor that is characteristic of material that has been inside for a long time; or the presence of irregular shapes in your bowel movements. Then, after you take the Intestinal Cleansing Formula for a few weeks, you may notice darker colors and possibly some parasites in your bowel movements, which are a further sign of accumulated waste material leaving your body.

Performing this program typically takes three to five months and requires approximately 2 bottles of Bulking Agent, 100 tablets of Intestinal Cleansing Formula, and a skin brush for the first 5 to 6 weeks and 2 bottles of Bulking Agent and 250 tablets of Intestinal Cleansing Formula for each succeeding month.

Increasing the Benefits of the Program Through Your Diet

While you can use the Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Program with any type of diet, foods which are non mucoid-forming will increase its benefits. Robert Gray recommends a diet of vegetables, fruits, sprouts, millet (eaten once per day), and kelp taken as a supplement. Such a diet is low in mucoid-forming activity, while all other common foods are significantly mucoid-forming.

He also advises that people who choose to adopt this diet but must make substantial changes in their eating habits to do so, should evolve their diet over a period of months rather than try to change it all at once. Both the body and psyche need time to adjust. In general, you should gradually eliminate most mucoid-forming foods and replace them with non mucoid-forming ones at a pace that's comfortable for you. The fewer mucoid-forming foods you eat, the better the health you will eventually be able to attain. However, those who choose not to change their diet at all will still benefit from the program.

It is best to avoid chlorinated and/or fluoridated water at all times as it kills the beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Use purified or bottled drinking water whenever possible.


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